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San Antonio water softenersMany home and business owners can tell right away if their water is too hard. Hard water contains many heavy metals that lead to rust stains, soap residue, and film, especially after cleaning. No one wants to live with water that isn’t completely pure, so trust the experts at Caliente Plumbing, Heating & Air to install San Antonio water softeners. Here’s why.

When you have hard water, it can lead to problems in your home. How does this happen? When it rains, the water that falls from the sky is pure. This means there are no minerals or soft water. The water then gathers minerals such as magnesium and calcium when it flows underground. When there are a lot of minerals in your water, it becomes hard water. This water will do no harm to your health, but it can be bad for your home. Why is this?

As the water moves through the pipes of your home plumbing system, the minerals in that water can combine with heat. When this happens it leaves scale and buildup that can cause damage to anything the water gets inside. This includes the pipes, fixtures, and appliances in your home.

This is where San Antonio water softeners come in. A water softener is designed to treat hard water. This is done by eliminating the minerals in the water through a process called ion-exchange. During this process, the mineral ions that create the hard water are trapped by resin and traded for sodium and potassium ions instead.

We offer expert water softener installation and repair services in the San Antonio area. We can offer water softeners that attack and eliminate excess heavy metals in your water. Common heavy metals in water include iron, calcium, and lime. Water softening and reverse osmosis removes dangerous solids from your water, but you may also require pH adjustment. Call (210) 330-3000 to learn more today.

How To Tell If You Have Hard Water

Most of the United States is in a hard water area and that includes San Antonio. San Antonio is one of the areas that is the most notorious for having hard water in the entire country.  If you live in or around San Antonio, there’s a good chance you have hard water. Here are a few signs to look for if you aren’t sure.

  • Your faucets have watermarks even after they have been cleaned.
  • The colors of your clothes fade faster than they should be.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Water has a strange odor or taste.
  • You feel dry and/or itchy after a shower.
  • Lime or chalk buildup in your sinks or showers.
  • Appliances that wear out sooner than they should.
  • Watermarks and/or residue on your dishes.

If these signs sound familiar, you should consider investing in a water softener.

Benefits Of San Antonio Water Softeners

Wondering if a water softener will be worth the investment? Here are a few benefits of investing in a water softener.

  • Clean dishes — Hard water can make it difficult to keep your dishes looking clean. Even after they have been washed, dishes may have a cloudy appearance once the dishes are dry. That can certainly be a problem. One that can be eliminated with a water softener because it will get rid of the minerals before they are able to build up on your dishes.
  • Quicker cleaning — When there is hard water in your home, you’ll probably spend a lot more time cleaning that you want to. Nobody wants to be re-washing their clothes and dishes. Not to mention how much work it would be to keep your showers and sinks looking good. One of the best benefits of soft water is that it will completely dissolve the soap and greatly reduce soap scum so you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning.
  • Better Looking Clothes — Hard water can be harmful to your clothes. A water softener can prevent this from happening and keep your clothes looking new and feeling soft for much longer. Here’s why. Washing your clothes in hard water with minerals can leave deposits that will cause your colors to fade. The deposits can get into the fabric of your clothing and prevent effective cleaning. Soft water will dissolve into the clothing easier so they clean better. This will mean you don’t need to use as much detergent and fabric softener.
  • Your hair and skin — Soft water will make your hair and skin feel much better after a bath or shower than hard water does. Soft water allows you to get a better lather with your soap because those unwanted minerals are not in the picture. And this also keeps the hard water from removing natural oils from your skin and hair. This will make your skin dry out and even become itchy. Hard water can make your hair feel dry and even dull the color.
  • Save you money — A water softener that effectively eliminates your hard water can save you a lot of money over time. There are several ways you can save money with a water softener. Check this out.
    • Save on plumbing — Minerals in hard water can form buildup in your pipes that can cause clogs. This can cause damage to your pipes that may lead to costly repairs.
    • Save on appliances — Any appliance that uses water — dishwasher, washer, etc — can be harmed by hard water. As minerals go through your appliance and leave scale, it shortens the lifespan of your appliances.
    • Save on bills — Preventing damage to your pipes can also prevent increases in your bills. As those buildups in the pipes get bigger, you’ll be using more energy to pump the water through and keep it hot or cold. Those two issues will lead to a higher gas or electric bill.
    • Save on cleaning supplies — Your soap and detergent will penetrate better and dissolve better when you have soft water. This will give you more soap suds and a better lather to clean your clothes, dishes, and body. With hard water, it may require double the amount necessary to get the same cleanliness.

How Soft Water Affects Your Health

Some people worry about how a water softener will affect their health because of the sodium exchange process. The sodium that is added to the water will vary depending on just how hard the water is to begin with. The harder the water, the more sodium that is required — but even the hardest water does not require a significant amount of sodium where your health is concerned.

What is reverse osmosis?

A reverse osmosis system can remove contaminants and dissolved minerals from your water supply. Reverse osmosis is the process by which a solvent passes through a porous membrane in the direction opposite of that for natural osmosis when subjected to a hydrostatic pressure greater than the osmotic pressure. While water softeners depend on a process known as ionization to replace magnesium and calcium ions with sodium (salt) ions, reverse osmosis relies on a filter to remove contaminants from your water.

If you want to remove impurities in your home’s water, choose to install a reverse osmosis system to help remove harmful calcium and magnesium from your water. These systems can make a huge difference in your water and your day-to-day life.  To learn more about our reverse osmosis system installations, contact us today!

Water Softener Specialists in San Antonio

Our water softener installation services begin with an on-site evaluation of your water to test for hardness. If we find it is too hard, we will make recommendations for water softeners. If you choose to have one of our water softeners installed, we will work quickly, efficiently and affordably to make sure it’s done the right way, leading to effective results. We can make sure you will enjoy clean, healthy water in your home or business.

Call Caliente Plumbing, Heating & Air to schedule an in-home evaluation of your water system. Our team of certified professionals work efficiently to get you the best services possible at a price that won’t break the bank. Start enjoying softer, healthier water today with a water softener installation from Caliente Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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Our team is standing by and ready to assist you with any water softener issue you may have. Call us today to make an appointment for the finest services in the San Antonio, TX area. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services. We provide friendly services and quick solutions. Call (210) 361-3797 to schedule an appointment.

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