Signs You Need San Antonio Water Heater Repairs

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Is your water heater at home giving you some signs that something is just not right? Is it malfunctioning, or causing problems with the water that you drink, wash with, cook with, and clean the dishes with? It’s important to take notice of these signs and tend to them right away. Don’t delay the problem can get worse, your water can become compromised, or you can end up paying a costly replacement bill because you waited too long to call for San Antonio water heater repair.

Signs To Look For

You don’t have to be a professional or an expert to know that there is something wrong with your water heater. There are plenty of signs that a typical homeowner can be on the lookout for and then recognize the need for San Antonio water heater repair. Some signs that a repair is necessary are more obvious than others. Here are some things to be looking for.

  • Have you noticed that your water has been lukewarm or pretty cold feeling lately? Do you run out of hot water faster than you used to? If your water is not heating up properly, this is the biggest indicator that your water heater needs repairs.
  • Do you hear rumbling noises coming from the tank? Don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that your water heater is going to burst; it just means that you should have a professional come by and take a look at your water heater to ensure everything is okay, or make repairs if it’s not. One reason you might be hearing these noises is because of sediment. It can sneak into your unit and build up, creating a separation between the heat source and the water. As the sediment gets heated over and over again, it gets hard. And that is most likely what you are hearing bouncing around inside your water heater. This can eventually lead to a leak, so if you are hearing strange sounds, don’t ignore it.

  • Leaks will cause problems and damage to the area around your water heater. Whether you have carpet, cement or anything else around the location of your water heater. This can lead to a much bigger replacement project than just some water heater repairs.

  • Do you notice a rotten egg smell? This can also be caused by excessive sediment buildup.

  • Do you have rusty water coming from your faucets or shower? If the water coming from your home’s faucets looks rusty, don’t use it; call a professional for repairs. This is an indicator that your water heater is rusting on the inside and may start leaking. You can check on this by filling a couple of five-gallon buckets with your water. Compare if your cold water is clear and your hot water is a brownish color, you probably need a water heater replacement.

How Long Will A Water Heater Last?

If your water heater has been around for a while and isn’t performing as it should, San Antonio water heater repairs can extend its lifespan. Hot water tanks have an average life expectancy of about 8–12 years. This means that every homeowner will likely need to deal with San Antonio water heater repair or replacement more than once in their lives.

Prevent San Antonio Water Heater Repairs

Even the best water heaters have a limited lifespan — just like all of the appliances in your home. Your water heater needs some routine inspections and maintenance to allow it to operate efficiently for as long as possible without needing repairs. It takes some work on your part, but it will pay off in the long run.

One thing that you will need to do is make sure that you have at least two feet of clearance around the water heater. Drain some of the water (about a quarter of it) a couple of times each year to remove any sediment that may have settled in the tank. For other tips or for a hot water tank repair, call Caliente Plumbing, Heating & Air!

Call Caliente

Homeowners count on hot water for so many activities on a daily basis. It’s nearly impossible to go without hot water for long in this day and age. Don’t suffer through no hot water when you don’t have to. No matter what kind of problems your water heater is having — whether it’s one of these or something else, make sure you call the professionals at Caliente Plumbing, Heating & Air for prompt and affordable San Antonio water heater repairs.

Our technicians are fully licensed and certified and specialize in quality repair services that will get your hot water heater working properly right away. Call us to ask for a free estimate on all our water heater repair services. We offer repair services at a flat, competitive rate, and complete services on time and on budget.

Emergency Water Heater Repairs

Our team is standing by and ready to assist you with any water heater issue you may have. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services. Call us today when you need the finest San Antonio water heater repair services.

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