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The Building Efficiency Solution

In order to make your home or office a more efficient and long-lasting building, there are two issues that must be dealt with. These are:

  • Efficiency — Air infiltration and the movement of air into the insulation.
  • Longevity — Hidden moisture condensation that causes mildew and decay.

These can also become serious health issues in your home. The best solution to both of these issues is the installation of spray foam insulation. This is a popular solution used by contractors, builders, and designers of all sorts of buildings. This will allow your walls to work effectively no matter what — hot climate, cold climate, wet or dry, windy or calm, heating or air-conditioning.

Traditional Insulation

Traditional insulation will give you thermal insulation. But the catch is that you need to have the right conditions. However, this form cannot isolate the differing air of two different climates. Whenever there is a temperature change, or the wind comes up, the air is mixed into the fibers of traditional insulation. This compromises your thermal quality.
Air contains moisture and when it cools, that moisture comes out in the form of condensation. This impacts different parts of your home during different parts of the year. During the heating season, it happens at the building sheathing. When it is time for using your air conditioner, it happens at the back of the sheetrock. There are a variety of ways to attempt to stop this from happening. The common ones are caulking, house wraps and sealing tape, vapor retarders, venting and foam sheathing. All these are done in an effort to have isolation.

What Insulation Should Be

Spray foam makes all of this — thermal isolation, air isolation, and moisture isolation. Your indoor air and the outdoor air are displaced when spray foam is installed in its seamless fully adhered form. PROFOAM protects buildings in any climate with the complete isolation of the climate inside and the climate outside. Ensuring that these climates do not don’t mix as the seasons change. When heating turns to air-conditioning (or the other way around), PROFOAM is unaffected by the reversal of moisture drives. This solid cellular plastic material spray installed between the studs in your wall adheres to all it touches — creating the environment that insulation was meant to be.

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