Septic Tanks In San Antonio

What is a septic tank? It is a tank that is buried in the ground near your residence. The purpose of your septic tank is to process the waste that comes from your residence. In most cases, liquid and solid waste will enter through the waste drain. Then, bacteria will separate the waste into three parts — sludge that sinks to the bottom of the tank, liquid that stays on top of the sludge, and scum that floats up to the top.

If yours has a problem, you could be left with nasty wastewater all over the place. If this happens to your San Antonio area home, we will be there to help! Our team is professionally-trained and will quickly help you find the best solution for the situation.

San Antonio Septic Services

It is common for septic tanks in the San Antonio area to have issues. It is probably not a question of if you are going to have a problem. More likely, it is a question of when it will happen. Caliente Plumbing, Heating, & Air is making a name for itself for plumbing in the San Antonio area and this includes any and all septic tank issues. Do not hesitate to give us a call at any time, day or night. If you have an emergency, we are just a call away.

How A Septic Tank Works

Where does the waste go after you flush? It is sent through your plumbing system and into the tank. After the waste gets to the septic tank, it is broken down and separated into different stages. The waste is digested by bacteria. Then the harmless liquid will flow into a distribution box. Then it goes into more pipes and eventually into a drainage field. These fields are filled with sand or gravel. Once there, the liquid will either evaporate or sink into the ground. It can be a delicate system and can throw your life into chaos if something goes wrong.

How To Know If Your Septic Tank Is Damaged

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your septic tank. Most people don’t. But if it fails to do its job, it will be hard for you to think about anything else. If you want to know whether you have something going wrong with your septic tank, it will require some attention and observation on your part.

The things you should be keeping an eye out for are wet spots in the area, an unpleasant smell, too much vegetation, and in some cases you’ll find actual waste. Also, if your water is draining too slowly or you have backflow. If you notice this happening, you need to have your septic tank inspected.

What Causes Septic Tank Damage

Your septic tank is susceptible to damage. How can this happen? It can be damaged if anything heavy such as a car or truck is driven over it. Trees or shrubs can also inflict damage. This happens when the roots grow into and infiltrate the tank. It is recommended that nothing but grass should be planted above a septic tank. The biggest problem that can happen is if there is solid waste that gets inside the distribution box and makes its way into the drainage field. This will contaminate the field. How can this happen?

When a septic tank is ignored for too long, sludge can build up until it is right at the overflow pipe. This can overwhelm the bacteria which will allow the sludge to reach the drainage field. This becomes a hazard that requires a drainage field replacement. A septic system can also be damaged by chemicals being poured down the drain too much. Certain chemicals can reduce or even eliminate the bacteria — preventing it from doing its job of digesting the waste. Harmful chemicals include paint thinners, bleach, and pesticides.

Prevent Problems With Your San Antonio Septic Tank

A septic tank problem can wreck your life. But It doesn’t have to be that way. There are some things you can to do help prevent that from happening. Having the tank pumped every couple of years is a great start. Doing this will be much cheaper than having major repairs or a replacement happen to you. Regular inspections and care of your tank can also prevent small problems from becoming something far worse.

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